Skye’s halo

Stars for Skye's halo

Stars for Skye's halo

Hello again! The JPEG I’m showing you today is a first draft render of the stars that will comprise Skye Goodfellow’s halo. They are arranged pretty flatly right now. I have heard somewhere where I can arrange them into a circle when I actually model the character’s head, which should be sometime before the week is out. I’ve also colored the stars straight yellow, but I hear tell of other materials out of which I can make them, such as gold, or if I can learn enough, I might also make the halo glow with its own light. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Before I actually start modeling Skye’s head, I need to find out what Meta and NURBS objects are and make a decision about whether or not to use them.

Meta objects are the weirdest objects that Blender 3D has. They have a space around them where if two Meta objects were to invade each other’s space, they would reach out to one another and begin to fuse with one another. The best use for Meta objects are for certain kinds of special effects where you are simulating liquids. Not the kind of thing to be using for Skye’s head and body, and I’ll be supremely happy to have the complete character up and flying by the middle of the summer.

This leaves NURBS objects. Very little is written or recorded that actually tells me what they are, how they are used, and what they are good for. There is much debate in the forum at about whether they are better than polygon modeling, so much that I’m also pretty much scared off of using NURBS objects. I believe I’m better off making Skye’s body out of polygon mesh objects. That’s the road I believe I will take.

As always, keep watching this blog for more progress reports.

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