Half a bear

Arms & Legs

Arms & Legs

Today’s JPEG image is that of the right side of sort of starter figure, that if it works out when it has its animation armature in it, will eventually be burned to CD-ROM and used to start all my characters.

I don’t have the character’s head quite all the way sculpted down the way I want it. I still need to do some fine tweaking on it. I honestly think I’m moving too fast on the modeling, not allowing myself to learn the features of Blender that may save me some work down the line. What I have been learning of late has been strictly on a “need to know” basis.

Mirror, Mirror

Blender 3D doesn’t have that neat little Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal feature that Gimp 2.6 has. What it does have is a Mirror modifier that is supposed to be good for if you’re working on symmetrical objects, like the human figure. More or less. Every modification that you make on the left side of a central dividing line is also supposed to happen on the right side, in a perfect mirror image.

Skye Goodfellow

Skye Goodfellow

Road Trip!

Phoenix Audubon and I are formulating plans for him to fly out to Columbus, rent a car, pick me and my Skye Goodfellow costume up and then drive out to Ocean City, NJ in time for the Doo-Dah Parade out there. I’m already approved for the necessary days off from work. What fun that’ll be. I’ll tell you more about our preparations as the big bug-out date, April 16, approaches.


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