Basic Character Body

I am stoked. I am really making some great progress in making my Basic Character body model that will form the basis of most, if not all, of my cartoon characters. I just now sewn up the seams down the front and back of the Basic Character’s body, and around the arms and legs. B.C. doesn’t have any face yet, but we’ll change that soon enough.

In fact, I’m strongly tempted to forego Mulligan Chess Club so I’ll have more time to work on the animation project. It does get me a little bit miffed that Saturday and Sunday, the two busy days of the week, have to come when I’m in the thick of the work.

Do you notice how B.C.’s arms are a different color from the rest of his body? That’s another problem I hope to address later. It seems that now that I’ve colored those arms white and subsequently fused them to the rest of the body, I can’t turn them brown with the rest of the body. Gosh! I hope I don’t have to take the arms off to get them properly colored.

So, what to learn next? There’s this neat tutorial on how to make eyes that I want to try out, but perfectly spherical eyes don’t seem to fit my characters. I’m more interested in just making a black dot pupil that moves around the white of B.C.’s eye. We’ll see what can be done after I look at some more tutorials.


One thought on “Basic Character Body

  1. A few things that might help a little if you have not already done them. Tab into EDIT mode, and hit Ctrl-N. This will re-calculate your normals, and might fix some lightining issues.

    Also, in edit mode, Select All > W > Remove Doubles, to clean up spare vertices.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the arms, but if they are separate objects you should be able to define the material on them separately.

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