First bear

I finally have something that we can call a bear. I’ve made remarkable progress today. I learned how to properly color the muzzle and ventral areas of a bear character, and I constructed eyes, eyebrows, and a nose for the Basic Character.

The critter still doesn’t have a mouth. It’s going to be the hardest thing to put in, as it has to change shape wildly as the character speaks or emotes. That’s still a little ways down the road as I continue to learn the program. Now I have to decide where to take my training. What I do know I want to do is fine-tune that face, get the eyes to where they can blink, and I want to see if there’s any way to make the body furry and a little less like a chocolate and peanut butter confection. And I want to master lighting a little bit. The renders always come out kinda dark.

After that, where to? Do I then want to learn to build armatures and learn body animation and work on the mouth last? That sounds kind of like the way to go for me.

Keep me in your prayers. From the way I’m working, I should have no trouble animating a “commercial” advertising for help with the next Northland Jubilee in August. This should really wow the people in the church’s audio-visual loft.


3 thoughts on “First bear

  1. My suggestion is to really make the expressive parts of the character (the face), have a higher ‘poly’ count, compared to the rest of the bear.

    Looks greeaat though!

  2. Basic Bear will eventually become Skye Goodfellow the angel bear. Once he is clothed in the blue robe, only his face, hands, and feet will be visible. But then the robe might prove a challenge to render.

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