One shot, one hurt

First off, let me post in this blog a link to a story on 10 TV News HD concerning a tragic shooting in which one of the residents here at the Breckenridge Apartments has lost his life. According to the report, the shots were fired around 7:30 PM. There were police cars and an ambulance, but I dismissed it as nothing serious, and lay in bed from 8:15 to 9:30. Police cars, ambulances, and fire engines come through here so often that it’s very hard to know when something really heavy is going down. I had no real way of knowing what had happened until I got up at 9:30 PM to find two TV news trucks across the street with their telescoping dish antennas up, fixing to beam a live broadcast downtown. I went outside, looked a little ways north on Alona Drive, and saw the police line tape around the courtyard.


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