Get a webcam?


Three QA scores just came in, 86%, 89%, and 94%. This makes me heave a big sigh of relief. I’m not in trouble anymore.

And I’m approved for the 16th and the 19th off, giving me a big 4-day weekend for the Ocean City road trip.


They sell at Micro Center for$19.99 + tax. They come with built-in microphones. Many artists on Fur Affinity put on their own web show at UStreamTV. So is it worth $20 and change to start your own crappy talk show for half a dozen viewers?

I get bad stage fright and flop sweat from turning my living room into a TV studio of sorts. Sorry, but the life of a cyber-lebrity is just not for me. I’m quite happy being a decent writer.

Nevertheless, not my will, Lord, but Thine, be done. You took a shepherd with murder on his rap sheet who stuttered almost as much as Porky Pig and used him as the front man in Your plan to rescue the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. Who am I to say You don’t have something similar in mind for me?

Another reason I don’t want to start another webcam show is that I think it makes me too much like a televangelist. I’ve seen too much of these people who think they’ve found the answer to everything to want to add to their number. I like being myself, and there would be too much temptation, with a web cam in front of my face, to talk in a language and a dialect not my own for the sake of impressing people.

I’ll look some more at some of the UStream streams that my friends at FurAffinity make. Maybe I might change my mind.

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