My job has its own equilibrium. When I’m feeling particularly like I’m in serious trouble, a very heartening set of QA numbers would come in. When I’m feeling like I can do no wrong, a particularly troublesome customer with some business or family emergency would call, making justice and company policy lock horns with each other. I would come away from such a call feeling like an unlearned imbecile.

“Take heed, lest ye fall.” That’s KJV talk for “stay focused.”

You snooze, you lose

I slept in yesterday, until 4:30 PM. I don’t much like that, as it means not much time for schooling myself in Blender 2.48.

While I’m on that subject, I recently found out that Jeff Ringtail is a Blender user. He reports difficulty rendering a horse charactsr with 2 GB of RAM. Out of curiosity, I checked up on my own machine’s properties. Not quite 600 MB RAM. I’ll need to upgrade it before Basic Bear can have any fur.

When I brought the Dell Optiplex home late in February, I wasn’t asking for much in terms of speed and memory. It could handle the newfangled Flash animation used in most banner ads, and I was pleased with that. Now I have Blender 2.48 and my dream of bringing Skye Goodfellow to life on the big rear projection screens at my church. Since Christian Assembly was primarily a music and dancing church, I knew going in that animation would have to be done on my own time and on my own dime.

One thought on “Equilibrium

  1. email me, bear, depending on the age of your system, I might have some memory for you for the price of postage and packaging.

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