More memory

Just got paid, and I took a fast trip to my local Micro Center on Bethel Road in Columbus to get me a 2 GB stick of system memory. It cost a very modest $21 and change. Now that my Dell Optiplex at a total 2.5 GB, I think it’s ready for anything that I might ask from it in terms of rendering animation.

All that needs to be done now is learn. But I’m going to be putting that off right now for two different things. One thing, of course is the upcoming trips to the DooDah Parade in Ocean City, NJ next weekend. My normal method of protecting my costume head on a long trip, that of borrowing a friend’s bass drum case, is out of the question. The case is in Toronto, Ontario with a former Columbus fursuiter who recently moved there, and we don’t know when it’s coming back. We’ll have to do something different. But what?

The other thing that’s sidedtracking me is I’m working on three commissions of artwork for Jamie Malecki of Toronto, Ontario. The first of the three commissions is already done, and can be seen at Deviant Art.

Blessi Blueskybunny

Blessi Blueskybunny

And one more thing, near the front of the Micro Center store in the “geek toys” section, I found this LED message fan for $4.99. Way cool! I just had to have it!

Thanks for reading, and keep those nice comments coming in.

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