Long names


Rapid T. Rabbit has been taking a final roll call of all the fursuiters expected to show up at the DooDah Parade in Ocean City.

The early part of the week will be spent in finishing up drawings of three of Jamie Malecki’s Thy Tame Angels. These are ten animal angels that have the Care Bears-like trait of coming in different colors. They also have the trait of having excessively long names. Take for instance the three that I’m working on rlght now:

  • Blessi Blueskybunny
  • Yprayerz Yellowsunbat
  • Godessa Greenemeraldchip

After that will come trying to spruce up Skye’s angel wings and getting the costume socked away in their big plastic tubs for the big drive east. The best way I have of protecting the head would be to unscrew the halo, turn it upside down on top of the head, and then wrap it all in fleece blankets.

On Second Life

I am reminded of a comic book horror story I once read as a kid where a little girl was trying to get a little boy to do excessively dangerous things that would seem to surely get him killed. Why? That’s not revealed until the last panel of the last page. It turns out the little girl had met an untimely end and was a ghost. She was trying to get the little boy killed so they could be playmates forever.

Being recruited into Second Life is probably a poor comparison to being enticed to bump myself off, but I can’t help but wonder at Baloo’s motives. After all, he had preceded me into this weird heavenlike existence where people get to wear custom-built bodies that look precisely the way they want and can teleport and fly from one fun place to the next. Come here, and you can become dead to the real world.

Come, now, Baloo. Surely you can’t want just a playmate. There’s something deeper, and I’m going to ferret it out.


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