Resurrection Sunday. Wouldn’t you know it? I pretty much miss most of it.

Since I couldn’t sleep yesterday afternoon and evening, I had to miss church this morning and go straight to bed. And I slept deeply, off and on until 5:00 PM.

No Second Life was needed to distract me today. This evening’s lineup of PBS programming was especially good. “What’s Up With the Universe?”, “400 Years of the Telescope”, and this week’s Nature episode “The Andes: the Back of the Dragon”. After that, my body was ordering me back to bed. I just barely got my raw drawing of Yprayerz Yellowsunbat scanned into my Optiplex.

Funny how I can do far more work with the computer than I can with the car, yet it’s the car that gets the nickname, “Ooo Shinee”.

I think I shall call the computer “The Slab”, after its low-profile, black appearance.

I don’t expect myself to do anything over the coming week that is Blender-related. The next two days will probably be spent cleaning the apartment for Phoenix Audubon’s visit and perhaps finishing the commissioned drawings of the two remaining Thy Tame Angels.


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