Emerging strategies

Yesterday evening, I attended a class on how to design clothing for one’s Second Life avatar. This helped me to understand how clothing is constructed and textured. This pretty much solidifies a strategy for how I’m going to make by sky blue robe that some of you have come to know so well. First, I’m going to have to find, ideally, a choir robe.

Okay, I admit that’s crazy talk. I can count on half the fingers of one hand how many people go to Second Life to sing in a choir. Hey! I’m open. I’ll take the robe of a wizard or a mage. Better than that, a monk robe. Anything that’s loose, with bell sleeves and a skirt. I’ll figure out how to color it right.

I also attended a class on how to deal with griefers, also known as trolls. The instructor told me the one thing I expected to hear—turn a deaf ear to them. Any response at all to the troll’s harassment is either the funniest or the most satisfying thing in the world. I also learned how to mute griefers, which turns off all the noise they make, be it voice or text.

While Second Life is not a game per se with a set objective to achieve by which to know whether one has won, some of the things you may wish to do here may be every bit as much a puzzle as returning a Rubik’s Cube to its original one color per side state. It’s an exercise in research and problem solving. I’m never happy unless I have something or another to figure out, and this is what Baloo Uriza recognizes.

My first and biggest problem: I don’t want just any avatar. I want Skye Goodfellow to represent me in SL, and I’m still quite perturbed that his last name is required to be Vanistok. But I think I can solve the avatar problem. The first thing I have to do is put a decent mouth on Basic Bear.


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