What happened to Easton?

I can safely say that I have not been to Easton Town Center for better than half a year. When I went there with Phoenix Audubon, I found the great mall in the throes of metamorphosis. Scaffolding and cranes dominate the area in front of the AMC theaters. Plywood partitions have been erected in front of several shops to conceal the remodeling done within. Worst of all, the mall lost the McDonald’s on the corner of the Strand West and Gramercy. How much of a role the economy plays in this, I don’t know.

The first place we saw upon arrival was the Build-a-Bear Workshop. Some of the newer, more interesting bears I saw there since I was there last was a biker bear, complete with plush motorcycle, and Batbear, the Dark Knight. Also known as Bruin Wayne?

Thinking to eventually send Phoenix home with a souvenir that fairly screams Columbus, OH, I showed him the Buckeye Corner, a boutique of licensed Ohio State University merchandise which is no longer in the southwestern corner of the mall it once occupied. It’s now in the southeastern corner. In particular, I showed him the Tailgate Toss game, a variation of the midwestern game of cornhole with slightly shorter than regulation target boards. I asked if the popular tailgating sport has yet spread to the west coast. He said the game was played in San Diego.

Thanks to a gift card that his mother left him for the Olive Garden chain of Italian restaurants, Phoenix was able to treat me to dinner at the local O.G. on Dublin-Granville Road. I had the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. Alfredo cheese, I think, works better on pasta and does not belong on pizza.

The next post will be devoted to the nice day we had in Ocean City, NJ.


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