OC Doo Dah Parade 2009

I have in my living room six cans of Goofy String, a knock-off of Silly String that I bought at my neighborhood Dollar Tree, that were never quite used in their intended purpose of assassinating Tilt Longtail and Foxwell. Such wonderful potential, utterly wasted. Let me tell you what caused it.

Long time gettin’ there

Phoenix Audubon, when he drove us there, made the same mistake Max Goof did three years ago, trying to avoid the Pennsylvania Turnpike by going through West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, and to top it all off, got us lost somewhere along the New Jersey Expressway. I don’t think he did any better in avoiding toll roads, and lost more time in the process. It took better than 11 hours to finally make the Point Diner at Somerset Point, just before you cross the bridge to go into Ocean City.

Fortunately, thanks to some classic furry non-punctuality, we were still able to eat with the other fursuiters assembled there. And I got to compare my “geek toys” to those of Meejeep, who had a rhinestone studded LED scrolling message badge to show us. I myself had an LED message fan that had lain on top of its switch button at the bottom of my messenger bag and had drained its batteries. I replaced it with the batteries from my video camera.

Never arrive on time

The #1 lesson I have learned from this year’s Doo Dah Parade is to never arrive on time for the parade line-up. Two hours is a long time to spend in costume and away from privacy amidst dozens of basset hounds.

A picture with God?

During parade line-up, I found a red sport convertible with the name “George Burns” tagged to to the driver-side door. I thought to myself, “Wow! Here’s a chance for this angel bear to get a picture taken with God!! (from the Oh, God! movies)” The chance to prostrate myself before the Almighty never materialized, unfortunately, as “George Burns” never showed up at the car until time to step off. I guess God is a busy, uh, deity, and will get back to me later.

The Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends unit was 18th in line, just after a small marching ragtime band. Several times along the route, the band would play “I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover”, and by mid-route I had worked out a way of pantomiming the lyrics of that song, but I never quite perfected it.

Happy with it

This is the first time I’ve put my costume through a real Doo Dah Parade as it was meant to be marched. Three years ago, a monsoon blew through the area, and Max Goof and I were stuck at the Impala Inn, watching Godfather movies. Saw Sonny Corleone get whacked several times that night. Good thing I didn’t have to put up with that this year.

I’m sure there were times when the Music Pier looked forever away. I’m glad I lasted all the way through it, too. Pretty surprising for a guy who makes his money sitting on his butt, pounding away at a keyboard and talking to complete strangers on the telephone. If the opportunity presents itself, I’m definitely coming next year.


2 thoughts on “OC Doo Dah Parade 2009

  1. ferret MEEPS hihi! it was not a blingBling competition, but it’s hard to out-SHINEY ‘da ferret! I’m glad you had the stamina to endure the entire parade.

  2. Doing a pantomime for “I’m looking over a four leaf clover” isn’t hard. Just put on a bowler and pretend you’re kicking an old man on the floor.
    Oh. Wait. That’s “Singing In The Rain.”

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