Back to normalcy

For openers, a retraction of an inaccurate statement is in order. Yes, it was indeed Phoenix Audubon who purchased the cans of silly string. I cannot adequately express my regret that such an untruth came through my keyboard. I humbly ask the white bear’s forgiveness.

Okay, only one commissioned drawing remains to be made, that of the green chipmunk angel Godessa Greenemeraldchip (of Jamie Malecki’s Thy Tame Angels), and then I can return to my work of learning Blender 3D.

The next big project on my agenda is the upcoming election, for which I will again serve as Voting Machine Judge. I will attend mandatory training this coming Friday, and work in the polling place May 5.

After that, nothing really happens until Morphicon. There’s nothing at Morphicon for which I’m responsible; all I have to do is go. But there are parties out there who disagree with that. “Greg” is once again on my case, still trying to panhandle his way in from his place near South Bend, IN. For free.

Sorry. The furry fandom is not a welfare state. No free ride, no free bed. The hot dogs are free, but that’s as far as we’ll go.


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