New Skype user

Call center iconNorman, my older brother from back east in Carrollton, OH, wrote me with some good news about Pete. He’s home from the hospital, and quite sick and tired of the hospital environment. According to Norman, he said something about sleeping for two days.

So, after two days, Pete will be up and around and ready to talk to people, and perhaps can use a little encouragement from yours truly. It behooves me to find some kind of a way to videoconference with Pete.

So I signed up for Skype. It’s remarkable, and talking by both voice and video is free! My Skype username is angelbear_oh.

Skype brings a new concern into my life, the possibility that Skype might bring dangerous stalkers into my life. I’d like to know if any Skype users out there have had trouble with pests who want to talk to them too much. How did you deal with them, if you had to?

6 thoughts on “New Skype user


    Enjoy Skype while it lasts. They’re on the losing end of several lawsuits (and already lost one), all of which revolve around the theft of open source code from free software projects. How do you steal open source software? You borrow the source code for your own closed-source offerings without attribution, in gross violation of the license. Also, eBay is working on selling Skype back to it’s founders, and if that deal goes through, Skype is not likely to survive.

    I do not expect Skype to survive 2009.

  2. As it stands right now, I don’t know of anything that can do VOIP to POTS calls other than Skype. But if the person on the other end has something other than a telephone, you have some possibilities:

    The free beer answer would be Second Life’s in-world voice feature. By default, you can hear and speak to people within a 96m radius (though the farther away they are, the quieter they are, if the people you hear are close to the edge of that 96m, they might not hear you over each other). You can also directly call other avatars by opening an instant message to them and clicking the Call button at the top of the window.

    The free speech answer is to use Jingle. Jingle is the VOIP extention to XMPP, the protocol used by Google Talk and various other IM clients to handle file transfers and voice calls over the XMPP network.

    Right now, niether are able to call POTS lines that I know of, though I do know there is active develpoment being made to get Jingle to do this.

  3. Angelbearoh, just make sure you set your privacy settings in Skype to “Accept calls/IMs from people in my contact list only” and you’ll be okay.

  4. Oh yes, I do recall hearing eBay selling of Skype due to losses. The news article didn’t mention all the copyright issues, however…

    Anyways, were you planning on call landline phones, Good Sir? If so, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger can do that…for a fee. However, if you just want to call PC-to-PC (aka video chats), those programs, along with ICQ and AIM, support that, as well.

    And just like the other chat programs, Skype has a “Block This User” option anytime you’re speaking or messaging another user…of which I’m tempted to use on this woman from Ghana who suddenly started to talk to me without warning…

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