Foreign language comment spam

ScowlJust about every comment spam that Akismet catches wants to attach itself to the page titled Things I Won’t Discuss. And the spam seems to come in various European languages. German, French, and Spanish.

Where are they getting the cockamamie idea that the Things I Won’t Discuss page is a page about male impotence? Male impotence is something you don’t discuss without announcing that you won’t discuss it. If they would just take the time to read the page, they would find that I am more concerned with identity theft than I am about male impotence. At the very least, they should tailor the spam to the content of the page. I’m sick to death of their love pills.


One thought on “Foreign language comment spam

  1. So now I know what not to put on my posts.
    How about He Who Must Not Be Named?
    I’d prefer that ads were not tailored to me. It’s bad enough when you type something in on google and get something like “Get I’m Sick Of Google Using My Search Term As Part Of Their Ad on Ebay starting at $50”.

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