Dublin man’s demented hit

Here’s some good news! I offer hearty congratulations to a good and talented friend of mine on the other side of town will be getting a long overdue moment in the sun. Two days back, Craig E. Smith, a.k.a. Max DeGroot, recorded a parody tribute to British overnight sinqing sensation Susan Boyle [link]. This tribute, titled “Ode to Susan Boyle” [link], is scheduled to air nationally on the Dr. Demento Show the weekend of May 9. Please consult the Dr. Demento web site [link] for when it’s scheduled to air in your area.

Like Ms. Boyle, Craig is a homely sort who can really belt out material from Les Miserables. Here’s hoping this leads to a similar overnight success story.

One thought on “Dublin man’s demented hit

  1. Hmm, honestly, I’m not familiar with this “Dr. Demento”. And the nearest radio station to me hosting his show is in Fort Bragg, which is all the way up northwest of Sacramento. However, they do offer free Internet streaming of their broadcasts, so there is that. Unfortunately, his show airs on Sunday nights from 9 P.M.-11 P.M., PT, well past my recommended bedtime.

    To be honest, with respect to Maxie’s rendition…I am neutral about it. I do not love it; I do not hate it. It just…doesn’t do a thing for me.

    But hey, if it’s good enough to get Maxie some national exposure, then props to him. And as such, I’ll put it in my calendar to try and listen in for that broadcast. So I can say I heard it.

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