Skye’s robe

skyerobesnapshotI’ve reached a major milestone in my quest to bring the cartoon angel bear Skye Goodfellow to Second Life. This morning, I uploaded the UV maps used to create custom clothing for my avatar. Unfortunately, I do not yet have my final avatar.

A free red fox avatar is currently standing in for Skye, because it has more of a humanlike build that can wear the choir-like robe and wings.

I had originally thought of making the Y-shape vest part of the robe in the form of a jacket with transparent parts, hoping it would be stiff enough and oversized enough to make it stand out, but apparently it still wraps around the body paper thin, like a tight T-shirt. Maybe I should have it remade into a sculpted prim. But I still have to master sculpted prims.

Tiny Nation

A series of videos on YouTube suggests that it might still be possible to film animated commercials featuring Skye by mid-summer. Tiny Nation, featuring a line of “tiny” avatars called Loco Pocos, follow a rag-tag band of small animals as they seek to save the world from the human menace, one backyard at a time. I don’t know yet how they managed the movement of the characters’ mouths, but I still have two months to work out something that my churchmates will find eye-catching.


Already the newbies who frequent Oxbridge University are asking Professor Baloo Uriza about me, and he’s directing them right here to this blog. In Second Life, they love creative people. I suspect I’m doing the very thing Baloo hope I’d do once I first arrived three weeks ago, namely create stuff prodigiously.

I’m not all that sure what I’ll do once I have the complete avatar up. Probably start looking for a regular home on-world from which to operate. Once I have that, I’ll take a short sabbatical and generally explore just to see what I can see.

Catch you later.


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