May 2009 primary

Okay, slacker! Enough church! Enough adult Bible study! Enough trying to earn extra money working at the local election precinct. Time to get down to finishing that SL avatar!

But I can’t! I didn’t get enough sleep this afternoon! I just had a tray of fettuncine alfredo and now I feel like I have to go back down again.

Okay, there’s always the blogging thing I have going. Let me tell you about yesterday’s day of work at the voting precinct in the May 2009 primary election…

One and done

There was only one issue on the ballot today, a levy for the Columbus Metro Parks, not much history hanging on doing my job right. But still, there is my pride in my work to be satisfied.

The good thing is, I get to take a paid day off from work to work here for some extra money in the till. When the money I earned yesterday comes nearly the end of the month, I’ll probably invest in a graphics card for my Dell Optiplex.

Quite a few senior voters seemed lost and confused by the voting machines yesterday, some not even able to get past the instructions screen. I was racking my brain to find out why. I don’t think it was so much genuine not knowing what to do next as being scared of screwing the doggone thing up.

One thing that could be confusing them was the cryptic “01/01” at the bottom of the screen, which is supposed to be the page number. I think this needs to be changed to the easier to understand “Page 1 of 1”.

Top thing overheard at the precinct

“Quit reading that book!”, spoken by Dick at the roster table to Judy at the provisional paper ballot table, about the Precinct Election Officials’ Training Manual. Perhaps he doesn’t like to be told when he’s doing things wrong.

The Results

The results of the Metro Parks came out dead even in the two precincts that our polling center served, with 32 votes for the tax levy and 32 against. Overall, I hear that the Metro Parks levy passed.

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