Looks like we made it

… to borrow from a song by Barry Manilow. I think I’m finally presentable, and can go around and visit people now. I made the final fix of my eyes, which until a few minutes ago had a rust red mask left over from the Red Fox Avatar my avatar was made from. This snapshot was taken at Luskwood.

I just now made the final fix to my eyes, removing the rusty red mask left over from the red fox avatar that I had been wearing recently. I’m nowhere near where I would consider myself done. I need to make myself a belt on an alpha-channeled invisible sphere to cover up that unsightly seam at the waistline, and after that figure out a way to pad out my shoulders. Where to from there? Maybe look for a place for my avatar to live.

SonicBlu, who does the DJing at Club Critter, was very impressed, even with my imperfect face that I had last night. I’m impressed, too, to have done all this after only four weeks since joining SL.

That kind of accomplishment can make it all the harder to face my customers Saturday night. It makes their demands for instant miracles all the more plausible.

“I don’t understand! You can do all that in four weeks and you can’t find a way to override declared outages and non-pay disconnects and save my [expletive] job?!! Isn’t that what I pay your [expletive] company to do for me?!!”



One thought on “Looks like we made it

  1. When I saw the title to this post, Shania Twain came to my mind rather than Barry Manilow, though I enjoy his music, as well. But I digress…

    From what you’ve shown so far, I’ll say you’ve come a long way, Good Sir. I agree that he–er, you–um…the avatar still needs work, but I will agree with DJ SonicBlu on this one.

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