Skye, quick and dirty

Skye Quick & DirtyWell, that’s me. The quick and dirty version. Something recognizable as the same Angel Bear come from FurryMUCK.

I decided the best way to finally build my avatar’s head would be to follow the advice given me by Tal Chernov, a Russian friend of Baloo Uriza. I took a copy of the free Red Fox Avatar I was wearing at the time and began to take it apart.

As I dissected the fox avatar head, I noticed that the topknot and neck ruff seem to be made of wedges of a sphere, much like the sections into which you can split an orange after you’ve peeled it. I found I could make my own topknot and side ruffs the same way. I shortened the muzzle, enlarged the nose, and found my way eventually to the head’s present form.

Where’d you get those peepers?

You’ll notice that the avatar still has a rust red mask around the eyes. This is because I still have the eyes left over from the Red Fox Avatar. I still have to work on changing this.

I now have a slightly better understanding of how blinking eyes on furry avatars are achieved. Objects in Second Life are made by digitally wrapping an image called a texture around a basic building shape called a primitive, or prim for short. One of the hardest things to do in SL is to precisely match a texture to a prim shape. An elegantly simple solution to this problem is to make the eyes into an animated texture and wrap it around a sphere and then build the rest of the head around it. That way if the eyes turn out to be out of their proper place on the avatar’s face, simply rotate the sphere until they’re back in position.

Sadly, I cannot take the texture off the sphere and replace with with the color brown. This will take away the animated texture that makes up the eyes. What I now have to do is make a series of eye textures of my own, with the proper brown color around the eyes, and upload them back into the world.

Oooh! What is that?

The terrible thing about the public sandboxes that SL gives you to build things is that once the head I’m working on starts to get too finished or look too cute, people want to talk to me about it. Give me a break, people! This is not The New Yankee Workshop. I’m not contractually obligated to talk about what I’m building.

I guess what I need to do is get an apartment for my avatar, something akin to the single bedroom garden flat that I rent in real life. That way I can set up a small little avatar workshop and work in peace. With the possible exception of Pantheris Mansala dropping in. He’s currently out of work right now, with a lot of time on his paws. He has a talent for visiting me when I’m not presentable. Maybe I can field a few more of his visits not looking so ugly anymore.


One thought on “Skye, quick and dirty

  1. Shopping around for quiet, largely uninhabited sandboxes, or asking someone you know who owns land if you can couch-surf are your cheapest options.

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