Faulty wings

FlippedWingI was becoming fearful that I would break the miraculous pace of development for which I was becoming somewhat of a celebrity. So, to give my dogged determination that had gotten me thus far something new to do, I decided to pick the next dramatic change to my avatar and go after it. I decided to go after animated angel wings.

After a search, I found a shop called Seven’s Selections where I found a set of Cormorant White Pastel Angel Wings, gloriously big, bright, and capaple of flapping when I hover in midair. For about 45 minutes, the looked well worth the Linden Dollars I paid for them.

Then, during a visit to the treehouse hangout spot Luskwood, my right wing suddenly turned upside down, disconnecting from the avatar’s back! I quickly excused myself and teleported back to Seven’s Selections to try to fix it. Nothing I tried would work, and the Cormorant wings would not allow copies or modifications.

I’m sure I’ll need a replacement copy of these wings, and I’m sure I’m going to have to beg Jen for it.

Yes, there are cream and gray versions of the wings I can wear, but I am a bit more stubborn than most players, who are happy with more interesting versions of their human selves. I did set out to bring a specific character to SL, and no other color than white will satisfy this character’s dress code. I must have those white wings.

But Jen is very slow checking her instant messages. Her lethargy may have to force me to pay all over again for a new pair.


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