That’s how I roll

Halfway through my work shift last night, I got the most amazing idea for something fun to do in a well known metaverse.RollerSkate

Immediately after coming home, I booted up Second Life and teleported straight to the Roller-Rama Roller Rink, a retro ’50s skating establishment and purchased for L$50 a pair of Abranimations roller skates.

I took the skates with me to Furnation Vista, the furry-friendly public sandbox, and worked on modifying them. I took away most of the skates’ boots, leaving a certain tube thing close to the sole of the boot that contained the animation scripts I would need to use the skates, and replaced them with copies of my avatar’s footpaws, slightly elongated to fit. I wanted the appearance of the wheels glued onto the soles of my feet. I think I got the illusion of that quite nicely.

Man! Are they ever fun! As soon as I hit the “” key to move forward, Skye Vanistok immediately fumbled his feet around for a bit, but soon settled into that graceful, swaying, gliding shuffle that under normal circumstances propels a skater forward. Or backward, if I so choose.

And here’s something really cool. When I release ↑ and quickly depress it again, the avatar goes into a glide with both his feet tightly together. I can keep that glide going indefinitely by hitting ↑ once every second. Magic, self-propelled skates! Shades of the Pink Panther. Except I have more control of mine that Pink had over his.

Some trick maneuvers are possible with the skates. When moving forward, Shift, ↑, and ← pressed together sends me into a brief little twirl. Already, the angel bear is looking quite the expert in roller skating. And there is a special HUD display for the screen where I can choose from several cool tricks. I can backflip, spin around on one foot, spin around with both feet widely apart, and leap high into the air. On the more embarrassing end of the spectrum, I can also also choose to take two different kinds of falls, one on my stomach, and the other on my butt. Wouldn’t mind that much, for such is part of roller skating. I just wish I wouldn’t also seemingly sink halfway into the ground as though into quicksand as I do so.

These are crazy skates. They seem to never know when they’re headed downhill. I suppose that is for the best, since it is dangerous to try to ride them down a steep hill. It’s more impressive to have the power to magically self-propel them uphill anyway.

I can’t wait to show these off to SonicBlu Darkfold at his deejay gig at the Cold Flame at 4:00 PM SL time. He’ll be green with envy!


3 thoughts on “That’s how I roll

  1. I think I may have hit upon the solution to the sinking into the ground problem. The avatar is still at the height of the red fox avatar he used to be. As soon as I’m home from work, I’ll grow him to about the 5′ 8″ that he’s supposed to be, and that should fix the problem.

  2. Second Life sounds like the Sims, but a Sims game you can only play online. Too much to do and not enough time to do everything, and I’ve got other projects I’d like to do instead.
    SonicBlu is a wuss. I met him in person, and I’d rather not again.

  3. Really? I met SonicBlu, too, and he seemed like a cool fellow to me. He put on quite a show at a couple of “Second Life” clubs–and Angel Bear and I even got to speak on the show! I would like to hang out with him again.

    But not on “Second Life.” Still not my thang.

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