Roller skate redux

The quicksand effect

I’m still loving my roller skating angel bear on SL. Skye looks so light on his eight red wheels, and twirls about so gracefully. And looks slightly more powerful than he’d otherwise be.

Truth is, if you were to put me on roller skates in real life, you can use me to make important decisions, i.e., if I land on my head, you can do this, and if I land on my tail, you can do that. It doesn’t appeal to me for real. But in virtuality, it’s one of my favorite ways to get around. Faster than walking.

I still plan on working with making a new head out of sculpted prims, but for now, that project has been put on temporary hold. Now that I have a functioning angel bear that can teleport, fly, roller skate, and look adorable, I plan on doing some visiting and exploring and enjoying all the fruits of my hard work thus far.

Making my avatar taller helped immensely against the “quicksand effect” experienced when Skye falls off his skates. I also enlarged the skates’s wheels. The wheels still sink into the ground in certain spin moves, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Los ales de los angeles

On the angel wing front, I finally broke down and paid a second time for the Cormorant angel wings. I’m definitely taking good care of this pair.

I’m still a tad unhappy with the robe that Skye wears. Too much musculature can be seen in the upper body to propeply represent a cartoon character. It looks too much like painted-on superhero tights.

You’ll believe a bear can fly

I’ve been following SonicBlu Darkfold around several of the dance clubs to be found on Second Life, and when I found the SkyBorn Fly series of animations in a dance ball suspended over the dance floor, I knew I just had to have them for myself.

There are three SkyBorn Fly animations that I know of. Skyborn_fl1 features glorious flat out flying with the occasional barrel roll, reminding me of Superman in Superman: the Movie, on the first night of his evil-fighting career. Skyborn_fl3 does loops and forward somersaults in the air. There is a Skyborn_fl2, but this floats Skye in an upright kneeling position while he flaps his arms. I didn’t want that.

These animations are far better than your no-nonsense Point A to Point B flying. Here Skye Goodfellow Vanistok is flying like he enjoys it immensely.

In parting…

I entered my avatar into a Show ‘n’ Tell contest for new residents less than 90 days old. I came in 3rd place. Out of three contestants. But I did get lots of complements. “Great build!”


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