SL TV and stereo

Skye Vanistok now rents a two room cabin in the Upper Peak Skyboxes in Maquapit. This morning, before tooling out to the Holiday Inn Worthington for the final day of Morphicon 2009, I was learning how to get the proper preset music channels in the media player, which looks like a large boom box, and how to add and view videos from YouTube on the flat-screen TV up on the wall.

I find this immensely fascinating. The raison d’etre of the Second Life avatar is to do for us all the things that’s impossible for us to do, whether by reasons of physics or economics. They’re supposed to fly and flash themselves around what serves them for a world, meet each other, and ski, skate, bowl, dance, or what have you.

As if that didn’t provide enough entertainment, my avatar has been provided his own stereo for playing SLs interior radio stations, and TV for playing old public domain movies and YouTube videos.


That’s the trigger phrase that I enter into the chat bar to make Skye the angel bear throw back his head and let out a hearty belly laugh. That’s what I’d do if I were signed on right now. It’s so utterly hilarious! What’s this flat screen TV got that actually going to YouTube doesn’t?

You see, I had envisioned the cabin as having more in common with a closet or garage than anything of a real living or working space. It was a place to park my digital flying suit when I was not using it. I spend nearly all my time out of the cabin, doing Skye’s number one job: that of visiting the SL world and conversing with its fellow residents.

Oh well, I had meant for Skye to be a video performer of sorts, so if I were to use him to make TV spots from his cabin in Upper Peak, to be shown on the big screens at church. The original job still remains of advertising for volunteer help with Northland Jubilee in a humorous, eye-catching way, the job I had originally hoped to do using Blender. He could conceivably stand beside his flat screen and introduce videos for the benefit of visitors.

Or he could do something else. I’m not sure exactly what.

In the meantime, after a somewhat successful stint as a stand-up comic at Morphicon Friday night, I’m looking into what comedy clubs SL has to offer, whether or not any of them are any good, and most importantly, whether any of them are willing to let a winged angel bear take the open mic for his own humorous ramblings about what might happen if prayers are answered by a Tier One tech support angel.

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