Last Comic Flying

After another semi-successful outing as a stand-up comic at the last Morphicon, I was emboldened to see if there were any comedy clubs in Second Life that do Open Mic Nights. I found a couple, Lake Lampoon in the Kyuto region, and Comedy Time in the Akamu Cove region. Last night, I walked into the Comedy Time Club.

I wasn’t going to do a stand up act last night; I was going to wait another week until my Tech Support Angel skit was rewritten, practiced, and polished, and in the meantime observe how other comics work. When I saw the emcee, Constantine Paulino, go on stage with material that wasn’t much better than mine, I decided to go up on stage.

I activated my speech gestures to make my avatar talk with his hands, reactivated that “air keyboard” pantomime that avatars do during Text Chat, and proceeded to perform what little I remembered of it.

The audience loved it! They tipped me L$400 last night, and two people wanted to friend me, Paulino, and his significant other, the singer Shelindrea Ireland. Both promised to refer me to other clubs that had Open Mic Nights. Some regular appearances like this, and my Second Life habit could become self-sustaining, just like that of SonicBlu Darkfold.

I’m not done yet. There’s another Open Mic at the same place Tuesday night at 7:00 PDT. I think I’ll do St. Peter’s Job Interview at that one.


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