SL Tipping

Right now I’m not happy with how I tip the live performers I find here on Second Life. I’m a little bit too concerned with what serves me for money.

I don’t yet know quite how good I am in terms of Linden Dollars. I don’t know how much I can earn. Once my stand-up comic gig at the Blue Moon Bordello comes and goes, I’ll have some idea of how much I can earn doing comedy. Then I can figure out how much I can tip other artists, such as Frogg & Jaycatt.

I’m not sure I should take just about any paying gig that Eliana Paine hands out to me. She herself is a comedy performer quite given to dirty material and cuss words, and she’s not likely to pass me out to the most family friendly venues. Case in point being the Blue Moon Bordello. If it’s really a bordello, why does it need comedians? Don’t they have, um, other entertainments not worth mentioning?

She might be getting her comeuppance in the form of a private paying comedy gig for a SL resident to wants his kids in on the experience. That means for a full 30 minutes, she’s allow not so much as one no-no word or she doesn’t get paid. She doesn’t know how she’s going to survive it.

In much the same way I’m not sure I’ll survive the Blue Moon.


2 thoughts on “SL Tipping

  1. Don’t feel too bad about tipping if you’re broke yourself…the starving artist types working exclusively for tips are generally understanding, especially if you are one yourself.

  2. Harr! You’ll survive Moons 🙂 We laugh at more or less anything 🙂

    We are a bordello, but we like to think we are a venue as-well. That’s why we have live music and comedians. We want to sort of just be a adult hang out. Ya get me? 🙂

    On tipping, well, ive been with the Moons girls as mascot and puppy DJ for the best part of a year (though at other clubs). I have always found tip’s are always subjective to who is actually tipping and nobody really holds a grudge if someone does not tip much. Some people are poor, others are rich. The rich ones may tip heavy, the poor one gives what they can afford. Even if its just $20, or even nothing at all, its always accepted that not everyone has the money to give 🙂

    So, yeah, tip Frogg & Jaycatt what you can afford, not what people tip you. If your poor they will understand. 🙂

    Good luck at Moons tonight! Ill be there to watch ya 🙂

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