Soul sale

Eliana Paine talks an awful lot in her stand-up comedy about “selling her soul”. She attributes her recent ability to survive 30-minutes of squeaky-clean family-hour comedy for a private client to the sale of her soul. To whom she sold her soul she does not say, but this is her way of admitting that this could not have come purely from her, crediting a higher—or lower—power.

Tech Support Angel: Gideon

Eliana does tell me that my latest Tech Support Angel skit, this time dealing with Gideon from the book of Judges in the Old Testament, need to be cut in half. It drags on for too long. Good! If I’m going to make a mistake, let it be too much material, because that’s the easiest thing to deal with. All I have to do is decide what to cut out, and work on polishing the rest.

Tech Support Angel is more improvisational acting that classic joke telling. The better I can sell the role of a Tier 1 angel trying to advise a prominent Bible character, the better the skit will be.  The sheer imagination involved in the concept is probably what has Second Life audiences eating out of my paw.

That’s also what made Bob Newhart’s one-sided telephone conversations as good as they were. He was very good at dropping hints at what the other party was saying.

Sit-down stand-up

I was tipped roughly L$500 in working two venues, the Blue Moon Bordello, and the TLE Comedy Zone. I’m quite pleased with my efforts to make Second Life self-sustaining. The next project that I’m going to be involved in is making a kind of bio document that Eliana Paine will pass out to potential clients, with a photo of my avatar, and some facts about my act and my experiences.


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