Leaping tall buildings

I was marvelling at the crazy tricks that I can do with my Skoopf skates. On the Insane jump boost setting, my avatar can turn his backflip, and then from the resulting dizzying heights  enjoy coffee and a donut before lightly floating back down to the ice (or other solid surface), both feet together.

Wasn’t quite expecting this. In going after a pair of skates for potential use in playing hockey, I ended up with an amazing new power to make bounding leaps that should help me even in no-fly zones.


Now Shelindrea Ireland, God knows I like her a lot, as both a singer and a mutual friend of comedian Constantine Paulino, but whenever she sends out notices through her group, she always seems to perform in venues that are no-rez and no scripting.

I suppose this is to guard against potential griefer attacks against a public venue, but still, no rez + no scripting = no fun!! I now have two pairs of skates to Skye Vanistok’s name, both roller and ice skates, and summoning up jumps and tricks for these skates invokes scripts.

Jack Belvedere over at Jericho Hill Hockey Arena also gave me a new picket sign to carry around that instantly displays any text I want. I can’t use it to show my support for Shelindrea, because that sign also invokes scripts.

So, as the long and the short would have it, thanks to some very prominent practical jokers, I’m being told to sit down and shut up. I just wish someone would say the same thing to that idiot at the Shelindrea concerts who keeps playing that “Woot-woot-woot!” sound effect.


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