Head hacking

My Internet service went down last night, and when it does, it’s fascinating the panicky thoughts my head goes through during these outages.

One of the more farfetched explanations for what’s happening to me suggests that there is a battle raging around me in some unseen spiritual dimension, invisible bombs and bullets flying everywhere. I am a target, and a demonic bomb took out my Internet.

This is all happening because someone or something sees me as a threat. Or so I’m given to believe.

Perhaps I need to go backward somewhat. My religion teaches me that I have an enemy, a wily one, if not one so powerful as He who is on my side. The number one power of this enemy is the introduction of false ideas to our minds, ideas we mistakenly think we thought of ourselves.

Think about it. It took no less than a talking reptile to get Adam & Eve to bite the forbidden fruit. This is probably because they had not yet fallen. Later, when Abel’s sacrifice of blood from a lamb was accepted and Cain’s sacrifice of vegetables was rejected, nobody or nothing had to audibily talk to Cain about how he P.O.-ed he should be about it, or to whom he should target his hatred. Nobody or nothing had to audibly suggest killing Abel. Cain seemed to have come up with that idea on his own.

That’s what man’s fallen nature will do for us. It’ll provide a permanent backdoor access in the operating system so the most horrid ideas can download themselves into our heads.

Right now, I’m dealing with some scarewares in my brain of the really wildest type. I’ve written before about scarewares, and how much they are like our thinking processes. They want to convince me that I’m in more trouble than I’m actually in, hence, the idea that I am a threat to a powerful enemy, and that so-called powerful enemy has the Internet in his icy, iron grip.

Hard to say about the icy, iron grip part. After all, the number one arrow in this guy’s quiver is the baldfaced lie.


2 thoughts on “Head hacking

  1. (sighs) Oh, Good Sir…and here, I thought I was the only one with a flair for the dramatic!

    Yes, Internet outages are quite inconvenient. Most especially when I am playing KnightFight. But, honestly, within the past couple of years or so, I am finding the Internet itself to be quite inconvenient. Nowadays, I may have a list of things to do, but once I sit in front of my desk, and I take care of my “necessities”–read my daily digest of webcomics, clear out new e-mails–next thing I know, hours have passed, and I curse out, “Where did the time go?!”

    So, when I find myself unable to connect to the rest of world in the usual fashion, I take it as a sign to deal with other tasks that I may or may not have been neglecting. Yes, I still eagerly await for the lights on my cable modem to resumer their activity so that I may resume mine, but as a friend on one of my forums had for a signature, paraphrasically: “The one thing about life: it goes on.”

    Thus, Good Sir, should the “inconvenice” come up again, may I recommend reading a book? Tidying up a corner of your residence? Taking a walk to Huntley Bowl Park, and enjoying the sights?

    Perhaps a change of perspective is needed. Instead of looking at this as some sort of etheral conspiracy, you may want to consider it more on the level of a bartender refusing to serve a patron she fears hasn’t realized they’ve exceeded their tolerance.

    “I think you’ve had enough, Mr. Angel Bear,” I can imagine her say in my mind. (chuckles)

  2. The first thought that occurs to me in a technical problem like that is that I’m guilty of a sin and am being disciplined (not being punished for sins, but “disciplined”, as the bible says we’re disciplined). Sometimes I interpret it as really being punished.
    Of course, there are a few things that have turned out to be more perfect than I could have imagined, and they’re all due to me trying to make do in a situation where things went wrong.

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