Speaking engagements

A couple days back, I purchased a MuzzleTalk kit which is supposed to move the jaw of my avatar as I talk. I felt that I needed this in my capacity as a stand-up comic on Second Life. I don’t suspect there will be an Open Mic at the TLE Comedy Zone this week, as Constantine Paulino will be away from home this evening. He still does access SL from a hotel to play his beloved game En Garde! He is a good player, currently ranked 40th in the entire grid.

80% and hawks

HawkAttackBefore I went out to the Furnation Vista sandbox to install it, I wrote up a special notecard called the 80% Debrief. This is because I expect the 80% Rule to be in effect in such public sandboxes as Furnation Vista, which states that you will not get more than 80% finished with a building project before some passer-by will ask, “What doest thou?” I don’t want to stop and talk, so I wrote up the notecard to pass to them. Damned impersonal, like a form letter, but it does the job of informing them on what I’m doing.

The passer-by that came at the 80% point of this project wanted to test his new attack hawk on me. The furshluggin’ bird of prey would get into my avatar’s face and rip particle splashes of blood out.

Note to self: never volunteer to be a guinea pig for someone else’s building projects.

Good results

The work went remarkably smoothly. The inventor of the virtual device, a Norweigian blue fox in a black trenchcoat named Matti Deigan, who also demonstrates MuzzleTalk on YouTube, did a very good job on the manual that explains how to install MuzzleTalk.

The jaw seems to move randomly, irrespective of the volume of my voice. I suspect some fine tuning will be in order in the days to come, but for now, I’m pleased with my new animated jaw.


3 thoughts on “Speaking engagements

  1. First, one of your wings snaps and does a 180. Now, someone goes all Alfred Hitchcock on you?

    That virtual hockey league of yours better provide some darn good virtual health insurance, Good Sir!

    Why on Virtual Earth would anyone need attack animations in “Second Life”? I thought it was all about peace, love, and clubbing…has it always had elements of “EverQuest” or “World of Warcraft”?

    Oh well, if a virtual war should break out, I’ll have CNN coverage live from “Second Life”.

    Oh, and if you don’t want to be bothered, perhaps you should have one of those “notecard” things say, “ARTIST AT WORK–DO NOT DISTURB”, like I’ve seen on beach piers and boardwalks.

  2. Funny you should mention attack animations. That will be the subject of my next post, in which I tell more about this En Garde! game. I’ve taken it up a few days back, and already I’m becoming quite a talented swordsbear. I’ve already won matches over some high-ranking players.

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