Booked for Club Eternal

Something happened to me last night over which I am nothing short of thrilled.

Last night was supposed to be the weekly Comedy Open Mic, but Mr. Constantine Paulino, renowned En Garde duelist and comedian, was nowhere to be found. He’s the manager of the TLE Comedy Zone, and if he can’t get online, we have no show. I was kinda bummed, because I had this boffo new set of routines about the Huh! Preacher, and CNN I-Report Press Kit, and how to tell if you’re a furry, I didn’t get to do any of them.

Well, I went to Club Eternal to see this live music act called Acoustic Energy, and while I was there, Sonic Rang, the owner of Club Eternal, was scouting around for some talent to grace his newly redesigned stage. He looked around in my profile and found where I had been doing Open Mics at the TLE Comedy Zone and he books me for a show next Wednesday at 7:00 PM Second Life time, which is also Pacific time.

I am beside myself with joy. This is awesome, to say the least. To the toilet with America! Only in the Kingdom of God can this happen.


2 thoughts on “Booked for Club Eternal

  1. “To the toilet with America”? Hey-hey-HEY! Let’s not throw out the baby Jesus with the bathwater, Good Sir…

    Despite that, it’s good to hear you’ll get a chance to perform your material after all. It’s as they say–when one door closes, another one opens.

    Speaking of “material”, is it just chance you’ll bring up CNN, Good Sir? Or, is it a “coincidence”? (softly chuckles)

  2. No, actually, the CNN routine was actually inspired by it. I’ve already been to the I-Report site on the grid at least once, so I revisited it and got my copy of my I-Report Press Kit.

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