Comedy at Club Eternal

The seven days since my last post came and went, and since being offered teleports by singer Harmonia Trefoil to some places she was performing does not yield much in the way of content for this blog, I decided to scrap what little I was writing about that and do something about my comedy night at Club Eternal.


I went to a place called TechGrrl Mountainside Village and Store, not far from The Shelter, dedicated to the housing and shelter of new SL residents. I wanted something that I could use for either a blackboard or a whiteboard. I found something called Angrybeth’s Communal Whiteboard, a great big screen with some buttons on the bottom for showing slide presentations, with several other features for adding, circles, arrows, and other embellishments. The downside is I have to make them in OpenOffice first and turn each slide into a JPEG image for uploading to SL. And each uploaded slide costs L$10, of course.

But with that, and the fact that I now know how to make, within minutes, T-shirts and ball caps with just about any logo and slogan I please (in accordance with the Terms of Service), I’d have to say I now have quite the arsenal for putting many a point across. Assuming I have points to put across.

skyesing001The actual performance

When I got to my “You Might Be a Furry” jokes, I notice that somebody out in the audience was making a rimshot drum/cymbal noise after each one. I didn’t know where it was coming from, and it’s a pretty darn insulting noise to have to hear. It insults both me as a comedian and my audience. It insinuates that I’m not that good and my audience is so simpleminded as to have to be told when to laugh.

After I leveled a few false accusations at Syruss (Scaleskin) Tiraxibar, telling him to cut it out, Sonic Rang, the owner of Club Eternal, finally came clean. He had been using the accursed sound effects gadget. He even gave me a copy of it. It’s a HUD like thing that attaches to the upper right corner of the screen and sounds several varieties of rimshot and a sad wah-wah-wah from a muted trumpet.

Thanks, Sonic. But I don’t expect to ever use it. I have too much respect for my audiences.


One thought on “Comedy at Club Eternal

  1. Oh, I don’t know, Good Sir…(swings an imaginary sword in the air in front of himself)…I suppose it’s all in how you use it.

    Take “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”. The drummer, Smitty, had a knack for when to do a rimshot after one of Leno’s jokes during his monologue (and subsequent skits, in some cases). And when he did, the audience was always laughing before making the sound effect.

    I will agree that A) you can overuse the rimshot, and B) if the joke itself is bad, then the rimshot does indeed sound like a plea for pity applause.

    However, I believe that if the material is sound, then the sound effect will serve to accentuate the joke, like an exclamation point, or a cherry on top, or a coup de gras.

    But, that’s just me.

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