Hypocrite hunters

Some people have absolutely the wrong idea about what Jesus Christ is supposed to do for you.

To put it in a nutshell, if it walks on two legs and doesn’t lay eggs, it has sinned, and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Because of this, God can no more accept us into His heaven than we can accept cockroaches into our kitchens. So the plan is for His Son to come to earth, live among us without sinning, and then sacrifice his life to pay for our sins. We can then be looked upon by God as perfect, and worthy of His heaven.

But that’s not what some people think a relationship with Jesus is supposed to do to us. They think it’s supposed to make us act perfectly to the outside observer.

So let me tell you about a motley bunch of hypocrite hunters who invaded Club Eternal two days ago. Turns out I have a bit of history with the ringleader, who contributed to a blog named Rappy World, two years ago, back when it was a staunch bunch of manly men seeking to rid Our Internet of the most stomach-turning, filthy atrocities. They found me guilty of being a child molester (admitting such thoughts cross my mind, for their money, is as good as deed already done) with an evil talking fursuit. I was so hopeless to them that they urged me to commit cyber-suicide by removing all traces of my LiveJournal from Our Internet, lest all who read it puke up their guts and die.

Rappy World, incidentally, is back up and running, but is now focusing on ridiculing SL dwellers who have no fashion sense at all. One among this gang that came to Club Eternal to confront me was shirtless, and wore upon his head a large yellow sphere with a “have a nice day” happy face on it, topped with hair, and swim fins on his feet. If that’s not a fashion faux pas that should keep RW occupied for several posts, I don’t know what is.

So here I was, before six outrageously-dressed punks with the voices and demeanor of teenagers. The best thing I could do was say nothing. The very next thing I say or do could be tomorrow’s front page news for these freak hunters. They had now stumbled upon a whole nest of massively phony-as-a-$4-bill hypocrites just like me, and with enough in-your-face provoking would soon make us act imperfectly, and would have proof of our baldfacedly lying ways.

Savannahgrace Constantine banned them for 72 hours.

See what they did to us? Here’s your hands-down proof, people! Christianity hasn’t changed them at all! They will still bite your head off all the way down to your knees! They are still every bit as hateful as they were before! Their “religion” doesn’t work, people! Don’t be caught dead in the same area code as these full-of-themselves con artists!

Seriously. If what you’ve been led to believe about Christianity is that it’s supposed to turn people into docile milquetoasts who will never raise their voice at another, then you need not test today’s Christians for proof that this religion doesn’t work. You need look no further than Christ’s cleansing of the temple. Jesus took one look at how the moneychangers were cheating good people in more ways than I can enumerate, and got royally honked off! He dumped over their money tables, whipped them, and called them thieves! (Matt 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46).

“Tolerance” be damned! I’m standing up for My Father and His house!

And when he drove out the moneychangers, something was proven wrong. Either my Lord was proven in the wrong, or the cockameme idea that God’s people never get angry. One of the two.


11 thoughts on “Hypocrite hunters

  1. You claim hypocrisy on this group of people, but isn’t it hypocritical to claim to be a god-loving christian when you’re [a] pedophile? While we are all sinners, believing in god means you believe in his word, and to do so would mean that you wouldn’t want to purposely kill Jews for your religion like the crusades which were based on that same hoopla you just spewed. Religion is not your word. Religion is not your crutch. It’s not the reason your life sucks or is amazing. Religion is not your shield. It’s not a method of attack, nor defense. Yet, Angel Bear, you’ve proved year after year that to you it’s everything in your life because you have nothing else. Every bad thing that happens to you, every good thing that happens to you, and every bad action you make is justified by the graces of your god of which you spew into the faces of anyone who dares listen. Those who say a critical word are cast aside for you holy agenda. You’re nothing but a bigot behind all of that. You’re nothing more than just plain pathetic.

  2. God forbid I should add censorship to my crimes.
    I am not a pedophile, at least not in the eyes of reasonable people. I have never touched kids. My point is, if you want to make me look like one bad enough, there’s a way to make that happen. Just read my writing. You can use it to prove anything.
    Now, in order to be a bigot, one would have to be “utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.” You’ve offered me no creed or belief to utterly reject. And your opinion, that I’ve lived an utterly wasted life, I embrace wholeheartedly. I should be bouncing grandchildren on my knee by now, but that’s not what I chose for myself. I’m trying not to regret it too much.

  3. It’s really funny how hard you try, attempting to make other people’s word morph into meaning something else. But if we want to use the dictionary, for such words as ‘bigot’ let’s use it for ‘pedophile’. It’s a noun meaning an adult who is sexually attracted to young children. I don’t see anything in there about an adult touching kids. So, you’re still a pedophile, or you going to try to deny it again?
    Once again, you’re visibly grasping at nothing, but as always, making a damned fool of yourself for all to see in the process.

  4. No, I’m not going to try to deny it again. If all I have to do is “phile” (feel sexual attraction for) the “pedo” (child), then I plead guilty.
    But it is by this same logic that we can call Jesus Christ a Satan worshipper because the thought of falling down and worshipping Satan had crossed His mind. (Matthew 4:9). If this is all it takes to make Him guilty of Satan worship, then how can it be said of Him that he “had no sin” (2 Corinthians 5:21). So what exactly is it that judges a man guilty? Certainly Jesus was no more in command of His feelings than any other human. It must be in what He finally chose to do that in the end finally judged Him innocent. He said, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only (v. 10).”

  5. You be crazy, I ain’t even know what kind of person you are but you are NOT. HOLY. Your avi looks like pedobear, and you are the essence of “Darksided” But, if you watched Wife Swap.. I thought that christian girl was really wrong for being that way, But if it was you she was screaming at, I would have completely agreed with her. That is some serious problematic stuff you got there because guess what, if having sexual relations with some childrens be turnin you on that’s problematic, no matter if you do da childrens, or if you just THINK about doin the childrens. That still involves doing children. And that’s NOT anywhere near christianity. How dare you include pedophilia and bible verses in the same paragraph! What?! Worshipping Satan is no where near as bad as having obscene thoughts of children. That’s horrid and you’re a disgrace to all furries, humans, and christians. And one more thing, I must say this again..

    Your avi is your ‘Persona’ or ‘Fursona’.

    And your avi looks like ‘Pedobear’.

    Ring a bell?

  6. Again, you steer this discussion around to me. Filthy, dirty, disgusting me. And again, I must steer it around to Christ’s ability to forgive. Even one so filthy, dirty, and disgusting as me.
    I never said I was holy. Are you sure you’re watching the same me I’m watching? I’ve watched myself lie. I’ve watched myself hurt people. It happens on an almost daily basis. Seems to me you’re stacking me up several times taller only to have the satisfaction of a bigger mess when you knock me down.
    Look, I got my world rocked big time today. As Pathet Lao pointed out, the dictionary definition of pedophile requires no physical contact. It turns pedophilia into a big, wide open door through which anyone can walk if he so chooses. Or through which Pathet can pull anyone he chooses.

  7. I understand that there are a lot of things in the bible that may missunderstood, or could be taken both ways. Also, I can take into consideration the fact that you may be able to twist your sick ideals of baby screwing to satan; I get that. What I dont understand is the point that is made in the middle of your blog. It looks like you were trolled, cried about it, and then felt like you needed to vent? I dont know. I believe in the lord our God, I fear him.
    You are abusing this site however. I think you are forgetting what this website really stands for…

  8. Good Sir, do not waste your time any further on these shallow barbs. Take another cue from the Bible:

    A man was there who had been ill for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, “Do you wish to get well?”

    Jesus said to him, “Get up, pick up your pallet and walk.” Immediately the man became well, and picked up his pallet and began to walk. [John 5: 5-6,8-9, NASB]

    Move along. There’s nothing to see here…

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