Do I take the bait?

The round park-like area between the ALM Cyberchurch and the Dokimos Café is also a very popular place for hypocrite hunters to go fishing for the more unwary among us. They use themselves as bait, deliberately looking, acting, and sounding as controversial as they possibly can. They cuss at us and streak before us using the penises (penii?) that you can buy elsewhere in SL.

The object of their game is to catch a Christian behaving in stereotypical ways, namely denouncing everybody that walks and objecting to everything that happens. If somebody is stupid enough to talk about how the troll is indecently exposed, the troll probably has some blog somewhere elsewhere on the Web where they will probably crow about how our hapless whistle-blower just provided hands-down proof of the hypocrisy of all of collective Christianity. It matters not what was happening before the poor guy opened his big, judgmental mouth, but everything after that point is front page news.

The avatar I saw appeared dressed in a blue unitard, wearing a fish-faced character head from out of a video game, and if you looked below that head, you could see that his Little Soldier was standing at rigid attention. I knew right then and there we were being baited. Who among us would be stupid enough to say anything about this guy?

I’m not of much reputation yet. I might just volunteer to be the Hypocrite of the Week next time such baiting happens. Sure, I’ll probably get my good name dragged through the raw sewage, but it’s about some somebody stood up to those freaks.


One thought on “Do I take the bait?

  1. But, why do you feel like you have to soil your good name–or your paws–with the likes of those rascals, Good Sir?

    Speaking as someone outside of “Second Life”, I’m seeing that there is quite a bit of liberty for each denizen to do whatever strikes his, her, or whatever’s fancy…

    However, didn’t you post earlier that you had some of these “punks”, as you put it, thrown out of a club and banned from SL altogether, albeit temporarily?

    In all of the wilderness that is the world within your monitor, are there not some sort of sheriffs to whom you could report these disturbers of the peace? Does not each user have a policy or Terms of Service they must abide by, and does it not look down upon making another’s “Second Life” not worth living?

    If not, and, if nothing else, could you simply not turn away from them, Good Sir? If attention is what they seek, then I say, starve that cancer! You should not allow them to ruffle neither fabric, nor feather, nor fur upon you, Skye Goodfellow-Vanistok.

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