Complaint desk

I think Phoenix Audubon, in his comment to my last post, has brought up a very good point. In confronting the indecently exposed trolls trying to bait Christians, I would only be supporting the argument they make that Christians are all about denouncing people and things.

I believe this is where my experience as a customer service rep would come in handy. The reason I think Christians are being baited at such places as ALM and Club Eternal is somebody doesn’t think the Church is behaving in the way they’re advertised to behave. The customer gets angry, calls the number, gets me on the other end, and lets me have it between the eyes with both barrels.

So I really think my calling in SL is to man the Complaint Desk. When I come upon an angry customer, the thing I have to do is draw him out and find out why he is angry and disappointed.

Yes, Christians don’t behave in the way set forth in the advertising. I don’t know enough about the content of the advertising, or who exactly is doing the advertising, but I do know there is a sharp break between the advertising and what the church actually does. The baiters in ALM, I think, are angry customers with legitimate beefs against the Church, and maybe the time has come for somebody to answer their calls.

Has the customer fallen victim to misleading information, or information so incomplete that it leaves the audience to draw the wrong conclusions? It just may be my job to draw the griefer out and find out what legitimate complaints they have and address them.

I guess I have to train myself to do a different kind of troubleshooting.

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