Transfer progress

Akismet milestone

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of today’s personal news, let me tell you about a rather dubious milestone that my blog has achieved recently. Akismet, the spam filter responsible for keeping spammers from loading the comments of my posts with their snake oil pitches, has saved Big Skye’s Country from over 1,000 comment spams. This should go to prove that BSC is popular with at least a few people. At least half of the spammers are not native to the U.S., writing their pitches in German, Spanish, and other European languages. Most of the products that would be pitched in BSC were the blue love pills.

Thank you, Akismet, for helping BSC keep intact the most important thing to any blog, its soul.

Skills test

I just got back from my place of employment today, where I took a basic computer skills test. I blew it away like I expected to, missing only two questions. Only a background check and a 10-minute interview stands between me and a new position troubleshooting for a new Internet provider. The background check is nothing to worry about. Put in a good show at the interview and keep scoring over 90% on my QAs, and I’ll be in like flint. I go in next Tuesday.

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