Self dictator

Part of me is a really dictatorial control freak. The problem with that part of me is there is no other person on the planet over whom it can display its absolute mastery but me. When it yells, “Jump!”, God help me if I utter anything else but, “How high?”

My Inner Dictator usually shows up when I’m on Second Life doing something fun or interesting when a blue menu drops down out of the top of the screen. The menu says:

Harmonia Trefoil is offering you a teleport to her location.

singing luv 2 c u

At first, I decide I don’t want to. But that is when my Inner Dictator steps in.

“Whaat?!! Did I just hear your scum-sucking wimp mind say, ‘I don’t want to?’!!!”

But Jwheels Carver is having a Comedy Open Mic over at the Chuckling Priestman! I can earn some tips over there!

Butt is what I kick when I don’t get the desired results, dammit! You, you worthless maggot, will pop straight over to that concert, tip Harmonia, tip the venue, tip the hostess, and keep your butt parked there for the whole damned hour, you hear me?!!”

What my Inner Dictator wants is pure obedience. Obedience purely for the sake of obedience. Do what you’re told for no better reason than you’re told to do it. It doesn’t have to result in something good. It doesn’t have to be sensible. Just obey when the demand is made.

In fact, the more nonsensical and outrageous the demand made by my Dictator, the more of a sacrifice is being made when I comply with it, and the better the obedience is.

But, as with all dictators, you give my Inner Dictator an inch, and he will take a mile. If I let him have unchallenged sway over my Lindens, will he then claim sovereignty over my real life U.S. dollars? Will he order me into harm’s way. For the virtue of pure obedience, will I obey?


One thought on “Self dictator

  1. *puts on camo beret* ¡Viva La Revolución!

    It’s your “Second Life” to live, Good Sir, and second lives go on. I’m sure that, just as in one’s first life, our friends will understand if we have to work to maintain our livelihood.

    So, my friend, the Angel Bear, I tell you, straighten up that halo, and stand up to your oppressor, just as that Chinese citizen did at Tiananmen Square…or Prince Arthur to his father, King Uther, on the episode of “Merlin” I just watched. Sure, in the case of latter, Arthur’s defiance was met with punishment, but also, with respect and admiration.

    And they say you can’t learn anything by watching television! (laughs)

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