It’s been a tough July. The old Internet provider, the one that decided to downsize and take their business elsewhere, they are slowly but surely dismantling the tools and privileges we in the call center use..

They have already awarded the job of supporting their antivirus software to another call center, probably one that’s in-house as opposed to outsourced. It took away a lot of call volume. I ordinarily work from midnight to 8:30 AM EST. Nowadays the ops manager regularly sends me home somewhere shy of 6:00 AM.

I’m losing money, badly.

My ops manager is of the opinion that this is temporary. They’ve pulled their business once before and after four weeks realized their mistake and took us back. The old ISP is throwing out a lot of seasoned tech supporters in favor of raw trainees, and we’re hoping this is going to bite them in the buttocks. They will hear it from their customers, don’t kid your paw.

But it’s no comfort for me. I’m going to be living on balogna and mac and cheese for the next month. Be in prayer for me, please.


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