Heaven, we have a problem.

How is it that we can build a supposedly Christian vacation resort in Second Life but not sims that can be used to educate Christians, such as replicas of Moses’ Tabernacle in the wilderness or the Temple built by King Solomon?

Now that would be neat. I would love to walk Skye Vanistok into the courtyard of the Tabernacle, go into Mouselook, and see through the angel bear’s eyes the linen fencing, the burnt offering altar, and the laver. I’d love to go into the Holy Place to see the incense altar, the lampstand, and the consecrated bread. The Most Holy Place? Well, I personally would depict that with a veil that’s torn down the middle, showing how Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself satisfied the penalty for mankind’s sins once and for all.

But instead of those things, Second Life’s got Christian vacation resorts, with windsurfing, skydiving, an amusement park, and the works.

I’m not saying the resorts are wrong. What I am saying is the absence of these educational sites is wrong. Somebody needs to step up to the plate and build them.

However, I am tempted to say Sonic Rang, owner of Club Eternal, went a little overboard on the numbers of chaise lounges to be found there in neat semicircles. Many times the number of Christian residents I’ve seen there at any one time. Talk about optimistic.

Me? I dunno. Unlike most residents, I don’t have that much of a passion for building. I’m happy to be renting a nice box for putting my avatar away at the end of each day. Instead, I believe God gave me an interest in filming machinima videos instead, educational documentaries, that can then be shown in my own church.

One thing I am finding out. I can’t film documentaries all by myself. Whenever I film my activities in Second Life using the free recorder provided by WeGame.com, I cannot hear my own voice. I suspect this is to guard against feedback. If I am to appear on-camera in any videos with a speaking role, somebody else has to film me.

God has a real penchant for picking the least competent people for His great works, and the question that I hear echoing through my head is, “Why not me?” I could get into a debate with God about how unqualified I am to do this, but better people that me have gotten into such debates, and after they realized they would always be on the short end of such debates went on to become the most celebrated heroes of the Bible.

It’s fruitless to say no.

2 thoughts on “Heaven, we have a problem.

  1. I think it’s best not to have that. If you get the interactive bible offered by CRI, you can get an interactive walkthrough of the temple. Trust me, you don’t want superheroes and sexy cartoon characters cavorting in Solomon’s temple. It would cheapen the whole experience.

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