Objection, your honor!

By now, much hay has been made about my so-called life. It has been reviewed by several people, and by a couple has been found dreadfully wanting.

I admit it. I have no life. I’d be the first to admit that I live in my mother’s basement were not for the fact that that’s extremely difficult to do. My mother has not been among the living for ten years. That would put me … what … nine feet underground?

I don’t blame such people for exploiting it for its entertainment value.

Funny thing is, both the troll and I would use the same miserable failings of mine as the centerpiece of two very different messages.

  • Troll: His miserable failings prove conclusively that his religion doesn’t work. It hasn’t changed him at all, and even now he’s trying to plaster himself up as something great on a stick when we all know it’s a damnable lie.
  • Me: My miserable failings made it necessary for Jesus to drag a heavy cross through the streets of Jerusalem and eventually get hanged on it. You say I’m deflecting the subject? My subject is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Talking about me and my failings as if nothing else exists is deflecting the subject.

I got news for you, gentle readers. Your job, while you are still breathing on this earth, is to come to a decision about Jesus Christ in the courtroom of your own mind. The life of Jesus Christ is the most well documented in all of human history. There is more than enough evidence written in the Holy Bible for you to come to a fair and informed decision. There is no need to consider my life in your decision; in fact, I call it unfair when better evidence for or against Jesus exists.

It is a terrible prosecutor that talks about anything else but Jesus when He is being tried in your courtroom, that tries to enter the crimes of other people into the evidence. It is not relevant. It is not fair.

But since when was Satan ever fair? He loves to talk about the Catholic priests who are fondling choir boys. He loves to talk about the televangelists who are seeing hookers on the side. And he loves to talk about me! He knows all this has nothing to do with Jesus, but he’ll talk about it anyway, right in your courtroom, as long as you’ll listen. As long as you’ll let him get away with it!

Somebody needs to stop him. Somebody needs to rise up and yell, “Objection, your honor! I move to strike this evidence from the record because it is not relevant to this case.”

And if you’re a just and fair judge, you will have it stricken from the record.


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