One quick note

I’ve deleted my LiveJournal.

I’ve also deleted my Twitter account, and all the art from my SheezyArt account. SheezyArt will not let me delete the account itself because it would create holes in their system, they say.

I’ve also deleted my account in Ning, which takes me out of the social networks sites of the Christian Comic Arts Society, and Christian Nation. I’ve deleted my accounts in both Facebook and MySpace.

I’m also looking into deleting my DeviantArt account as well.

3 thoughts on “One quick note

  1. Way to roll over and let people kick you. Seriously. You let some crummy troll tell you to leave, and for no apparent reason. What did you do, really? If you didn’t spend too long alone with little kids, I don’t know why you’d run.

  2. Pathet Lao, or Lord Rappy as he was known earlier, uses statistics to prove his charge of pedophilia. Let’s take for instance, the latest age breakdowns to be found on LiveJournal. There are only 49,553 users aged 49 like myself. There are 1,020,490 LJ users aged 13-17, below the age of majority. For every user my age, there are 20.6 child users. Why are all these old men hanging out with on the same site as all these kids? It must be out of a turn-on attraction, and that is all you need, dictionary-wise, to be a pedophile.

    The age breakdown has swung more to the 18-30 year old range now. Back when Lord Rappy wrote about me, the age breakdown swung more toward child users. I of course called his findings preposterous, like calling a middle aged man a pedophile because he walks into a public library, simply because that’s a place where quite a few children also go.

    But if you can’t prove you ain’t something—logically impossible—then that must mean you is. That’s the beauty of trolling. It puts the burden of proof on people who shouldn’t rightfully bear it.

  3. Oh, how it disheartens me to hear you bow to such hateful pressure, Good Sir. It’s almost as if Pathet(ic) is plucking your wings out, one feather at a time…

    So Pathet(ic) uses statistics? Well, I took a year of statistics, and I learned two important facts about the field:

    1.) Correlation never proves causation, certainly not by itself. It must be further supported by other evidence.

    2.) Numbers may not lie, but that does not mean they cannot be interpreted in more than one way, to “prove” different theories.

    If you are not who Pathet(ic) says you are, then the debate should end right there, regardless of whatever desperate taunts he may sling afterwards.

    Has Pathet(ic) ever met you in person, Good Sir? I have met you, and I can honestly say, you do nothing to fulfill the defintion of the word in either Encarta or Merriam-Webster.

    And that is evidence you can use!

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