Learning to animate

I’m learning to animate. All over again.

I’ve just downloaded a free open source program called Qavimator, which is made specially for animations in Second Life. It does look interesting, and promises to give me a way to make animations that are pretty much fully my product.

But I am a bit worried about how fully I’m going to be committed to learning Qavimator. I do have a strong tendency to learn a little bit of one thing and get quickly distracted by something else that offers itself. SL animation, for instance, took me away from SL scripting. Scripting got a little bit hard for my little brain, so I quickly left it. This lack of discipline makes me ashamed of myself. I can’t seem to pick one thing, and see it all the way through. I need to pick an education project, and force myself through it.

The next job hunt

This coming Friday, my present employer is offering a special class on how to apply for unemployment, how to use the resources the state of Ohio offers in getting a new job, and other such useful things.

Good! Bring it on. I need all the help I can get.

I’ve decided to wait until I’ve finished working with my present employer before beginning the job search in earnest. This might qualify as lazy, but I just don’t like working two jobs at once, and if there’s anything I know, hunting for a job is a job in its own right. It is best done by setting yourself goals and deadlines and working to improve your performance.

Back in 2000, a good goal to set for myself was any combination of job interviews and job applications totaling three each business day. That was good back when applications had to be hand written, but now that the application process consists of clicking this button that automatically mails out a copy of my resumé to the intended prospective employer, I am now wondering if three each day now falls on the underachieving side.

I’ll have a little bit more to say about it next week when I am actually doing it. Until then, I will savor my freedom.

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