Job Hunt: Day 3

Today, I went to Job Leaders in downtown Columbus to attend a workshop called “Ace That Interview!” During this workshop, I was put through some exercises to help me come up with some good answers for the tough questions that they ask at job interviews.

The most profound thing that I found out about myself is that I am most comfortable in a tutoring or mentoring role. I like it when a customer to which I am speaking listens attentively and values my advice. I am most comfortable when I know all the answers.

The thing I also learned about myself, but is bad form to admit in an interview, is that I am least comfortable when I do not know the answers. Especially when the customer demands that I blurt out the locations of outages and work crews five seconds into the call.

I just don’t like not knowing the answers.

Oh, yes! There is one thing that I learned, equally as profound. I learned that I have my résumé posted on only 3 of 14 available job boards. Rest assured, I intend to have this problem rectified before the weekend is over.

Another problem I rectified just now. I just send a résumé to the Columbus YWCA. According to the instructor that taught today’s workshop, the YWCA is in need of someone to teach basic computer skills to residents at their homeless shelter. This sounds right up my alley.

More later.


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