Yayy!! An interview!!

I’ve done two of the things I wanted to do from yesterday. I sent my résumé to the Columbus YWCA, and I looked up all 14 of those job sites I learned about yesterday and placed my résumé on as many as I could. Some of these sites are basic job search sites that do not support the posting of job seeker résumés.

When I talk to the career counselor on Sept. 15, I may have to discuss with him some additional training. After perusing some of the listing out there looking for Help Desk technicians, I fear I may not have the training most help desks require.

One of the great things about Monster.com is that it can sometimes make the hook-up process between employer and employee go both ways on roughly equal terms. An employer can go actively searching for employees instead of waiting for them to come to him. A guy from a recruiter named Global Resources Ltd. called me and booked me for an interview. Now how cool is that?

Now there’s a little downside for this. I need to go to a thrift store and get me a sport jacket to wear to this interview. I should hope I don’t have to blow too much money and have no job to show for it.

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