The night before…

Tomorrow, I go downtown to Nationwide Arena to interview for a job I’m not quite sure I’m up for.

According to Rick Maddox, the recruiter from Global Resources in Tilton, NJ who recruited me and set me up for tomorrow’s interview, I am being considered for a very different position from the one I filled previously. In this new position, I will be taking calls from field technicians from all over the country who are busy converting the computer software in Chase Bank’s takeover of all the former Washington Mutual banks. I’m feeling a little bit intimidated.

In my old job, I took calls from customers of a major Internet service provider. I spent many calls defending my decision to send a field technician to the customer. I explained to the customer that on the grand scheme of things, I am the ambulance dispatcher. I am not doctor enough to diagnose and treat the illnesses of the modem and parts upstream from it. Even if I were doctor enough, being on the far end of a telephone line puts me in a poor vantage point to actually practice the medicine.

Some customers did not like to hear this, because in many of their cases, their careers and businesses were already on death’s door. They needed the patient back on their feet right now. They weren’t about to tolerate waiting for a guy to show up in one or two days.

In the new job I’ll be trying out for tomorrow, the field technicians have already been sent, and it is these people who will be calling me when they run into problems. This, naturally, is the bad news. A good question to ask is what is this company going to give me in the way of tools and training. My résumé made no claims to being a software or server engineer. Why did Mr. Maddox recruit me?

The good news is the people who will be calling me have to be nice to me because I’m a fellow employee. In my old job, some customers regarded me as some kind of Dial-a-Wizard paid for by their monthly service fees, and as such, I had better be damn well worth every damn penny they pay.

In the new job, I’ll be treated differently, but the wondering if I’m worth the money is still going to be there.


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