Promising things

DejectedThe magic of the job boards goes on. I was contacted by a recruiter about a possible internal help desk position for Ltd Brands on the east side of town. The interview is for 10:00 AM Monday.

Tuesday morning, I’ll be going to a workshop on transferable skills and how to showcase them on my résumé. In the afternoon, I speak to the career counselor that JobLeaders assigned to me. It will be interesting to see what I learn from those two things.

Rick Maddox just called. It seems that the people looking for the help desk support for the field technicians for Chase Bank are not interested in me at this time. Not a good thing to find out, but it’s better than not knowing.

Emotionally, I’m holding up well, I think. Both the crybaby who wants to vent before a national LiveJournal audience and the mean troll who likes to sit in judgment of the crybaby are both well in check. A part of me that poses a concern for me is the lazy part of me that is satisfied with a scheduled interview too easily and wants to stop looking for jobs on the job boards, at least for a few hours. I need to be more disciplined than that.

Another concern for me: the lack of response from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. I still don’t know for sure if I’ve been approved from unemployment compensation. If I go into total “shutdown” mode, I can keep the payments up on the important utilities and pay rent for October, but after that, I don’t know if I can hang on into November.


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