The same ursine Pied Piper that lured me into Second Life has now sucked me into its open source counterpart called OSGrid.

With the help of a sim viewer called Meerkat, I was able to get the essential parts of my avatar exported from Second Life and imported into OSGrid.

OSGrid is considerably slower at downloading avatars and sims, so it’s not a good idea to clear my cache. My avatar doesn’t fly all that realistically, either. And I can only export objects from Second Life that have full permissions (you can freely copy and modify them).

However, I can proudly say I am now ready to evacuate Second Life in the unlikely event that some corporate body of a really, really ethics-challenged nature buys out Linden Labs and does something really evil like claim as its own intellectual property everything produced by its user base. Baloo says it’s not likely to be Microsoft. Whoever winds up with Linden will have to deal with some 70,000 Debian users.

Looks like I got some new exploring to do.


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