Reassess this mess

I really am going to have to reassess what I want from this JobLeaders place on East Broad Street I’ve been going to so far this month to go to such informative workshops as identifying my transferable skills, write my résumé, and give good interviews.

It’s a great organization, and I’ve learned a lot from it, like the addresses of twice as many online job boards as I could previously think of off the top of my head. And I found out a couple days ago how to revise my résumé so that it tells an employer more about me in the 20 to 30 seconds they have to scan it.

However, they are showing a pattern of not giving me what I drive down there for to get. Yesterday and today, I drove down there to attend a workshop on how to financially survive a layoff, only to find out they weren’t having it. I had to salvage the day by checking out some employer that would periodically show up to take applications.

It’s good that I do that, mind you. At the very least, I can still say I’ve contacted two employers this week for the purpose of seeking employment. That’s one thing I’ve been worried about. For the purpose of recordkeeping for collecting unemployment, I never count the applications that I make over the Web, because they send the employer the information that I’ve already written into my profile. It strikes me as too easy. I count only the times when I use either my telephone or my car for job interviews.

I was getting worried. I’ve been to only one interview this week. I need some kind of employer contact that calls for actually going to Point B. This could lead to my first official Act of Desperation during this layoff period, that of actually going to a temporary employer.

Stay in prayer for me.


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