Today’s I took a skills assessment test at Adecco’s web site. I am not pleased with my performance there.

My knowledge of Microsoft Office is not what it used to be. Back in 2004, I trained in MS Office 2000. Since then, I continued work as a security officer until I found out I was no good for that line of work anymore, and since then worked at counting inventories, and troubleshooting Internet connections.

Nowadays, I figure the people who are troubleshooting internet over the phone are computer engineers who take lesser jobs so their kids can keep eating. The less wizardly among us are looking fondly toward the fast food joints.

Except for me. I have very little faith in my personal hygeine. My mind goes back about four years ago to having a meal of chili at Wendy’s, and I watched a customer bitch out the manager because one of the counter people accidentally dipped his thumb into the customer’s chili. That customer wouldn’t settle for anything less than that counterman’s ouster. I’ve never forgotten it. I don’t ever want to be in that guy’s shoes. No jobs involving food for me.

I need to be uptrained in MS Office 2003. I’ll have to talk to the people at JobLeaders to see if they can arrange that.


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